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to GrassRoots Radio, tune in and explore Bluegrass, Folk, Roots, Americana, Alt. Country and Ol' Timey music with me each week, I broadcast from the studios of 100.9fm Albany Community Radio, in the Great Southern region of Western Australia.


I hope to bring something new for everyone, along with touring news and dates, and not just locally, if the artists in our focus are touring anywhere, you'll hear about it here.

I'm not saying mind, that I'm an all knowing oracle, I'm just sharing my passion and my new discoveries with you all...


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Check out my AMRAP profile folks, promoting up and coming Aussie artists, working to get the lesser known bands and acts air-time on Aussie radio.

You will find playlists from each show up there, with some info on each track and artist.


This week on GrassRoots Radio...




26th July


This week we celebrate our 100th GrassRoots Radio!
We take a meander through some of the great artists we have listened to over the last two years, Charlie Parr, Doc Watson, Paul Kelly, Bert Jansch, Brown Bird and so many more!



The Punch Brothers are playing Perth on the 8th of August!

Book here!




Check out this great Americana show from Victoria's 3RRR, Twang


My AMRAPS Page with playlists



About me

My name is Samele and I've been listening to all sorts of music over the years, but nothing has grabbed me like ol' timey music, it ties with the music my mum played when I was a little 'un, artists like Bert Jansch, Donovon, Joan Baez and my dad's Bob Dylan collection.

My explorations of all things Bluegrass and Folk has led me to some very interesting bands and sounds, and I hate hogging it all to myself so I share it with you all on the radio.





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